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Why we've rebranded?


Let’s future-proof charity fundraising!

There’s no two ways about it - the last year has been tough for charities. You’ve told us that demand for your services is on the rise, right when traditional income streams have dried up.

Covid has meant that everyone has had to rethink their fundraising - with so many rising to the challenge. We’ve seen charities moving their events online, fundraisers taking on Everest in their back gardens and many continuing to take collections in their local communities.

But with covid hastening the decline of cash, we need a new set of tools to help fundraisers everywhere unlock more donations than ever. That’s where GiveStar comes in!

Empower your fundraisers

Great Ormond Street Hospital, Cancer Research UK and NSPCC are just some of the dynamic charities already changing up their fundraising strategies. How? They’re empowering their fundraisers with simple tools that anyone can pick up and run with. 

Here's how it works!

Simple fundraising tools

From one place, your fundraisers can login and start unlocking more donations than ever with our easy to use tools. 

Track your fundraising

Keep your fundraisers motivated by letting them track their own fundraising performance.

Full charity oversight

Across all your fundraisers, your charity headquarters can set permissions, download reports and track targets. No more fuss - just great fundraising!

Ready to future-proof your fundraising?

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