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Why is Tap-on-Phone good for fundraisers?


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Let's get out there!

Lockdown is over and it's time to get face-to-face fundraising back on track. But first, we need to give fundraisers a new set of tools for the post-lockdown world.

That's where tap-on-phone comes in! It's a brand new bit of tech that allows fundraisers to take card donations with their smartphone. All they need to do is download the GiveStar app, select the campaign or event they'd like to take part in and get fundraising!

We think that tap-on-phone is a bit of a game changer, and want to share with you a little more about why it's going to empower your fundraisers.

✅ It's really easy-to-use

There's no point creating a solution if it can only be used by a tech-whiz. We need to give fundraisers easy-to-use tools that they can pick up and run with.

And that's what we've done with the GiveStar app! It's really intuitive and let's people all ages get stuck in.

Most of charity partners let fundraisers use their own phones (rather than a company phone) and that's great because it means they're already familiar with the device being used.

✅ Lets you unlock more donations

Donation buckets are not the way forward! As the public carries less cash, our fundraisers need a contactless solution to unlock more donations.

We've already seen superstar fundraisers smash targets when given the right tools. Last year, Mary's Meals were at the National Gallery and were able to nearly double their target with our devices.

Given the right tools, you'll be surprised at how much they'll fundraise!

✅ Less faff!

This is a big one! Over 90%of adults in the UK have a smartphone, which means that the contactless solution is already sitting in your pocket.

Tap-on-Phone cuts out the need to deliver devices up and down the country, and then negotiate their return. All a fundraiser needs to do is reach down into their pocket, download the GiveStar app and get going!

We're all about cutting out the fuss and getting on with the fundraising.

Get involved

We've already got some the most dynamic charities signed up to trial tap-on-phone this September and the great news is, you can join them!

At the moment, this trial is only with Android phones but it's an exciting opportunity to be at the forefront of contactless fundraising.

But here's the deal: we want your feedback every step of the way. We want to know what works, what doesn't work and how we can create the perfect solution for your fundraisers. Sounds like a deal?

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