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Why is Tap-on-Phone good for charities?


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✅ It's a scaleable option

In a way in which most contactless solutions aren't! Tap-on-phone cuts out the hardware costs, which means charities of all sizes can afford to empower their fundraisers with a contactless option.

But its not just about lowering the barrier to entry for small and medium sized charities. Even the biggest voluntary organisation cannot afford to push to all their fundraisers because of hardware costs (which can be upwards of £300 per device!)

Tap-on-phone is the cheap, scaleable solution for contactless fundraising. Our aim is to make hardware a thing of the past, and give every fundraiser the opportunity to raise more with contactless.

✅ Quick to roll out

We want to take the faff out of fundraising, and that means no more device deliveries! It's a real pain for charities to send out devices to their fundraisers, and even more of a pain to negotiate their return.

Tap-on-phone let's fundraisers get started immediately. They don't have to wait for a device to be sent, because the device is their very own smartphone!

A simple call to action can get your fundraisers out there using contactless in no time.

✅ Fits lots of campaigns

Tap-on-phone is not just about collecting donations at a single event. Your charity can customise the imagery and text that will show up on the phone's of your volunteers when they start fundraising.

That's means you can bring any event to life: fun-runs, gala dinners, corporate campaigns and more! By changing the imagery and text, you can sync your message to each event and campaign.

We want to make tap-on-phone for the long run, and that means easy of use for any campaign!

✅ Simple reporting

It's not just donations that your fundraisers can collect. Because we're using an app, our donation process let's you collect Gift Aid and Contact Details.

All that information is put into downloadable reports on your GiveStar account. That means your charity can track the progress of each individual fundraiser and easily upload valuable data into your systems.

Even better, our Group feature let's you report by corporate partner, community branch, church and more! It's never been easier to get to grips with your fundraising.

TapTap Giving trading as GiveStar is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) under the Payment Service Regulations 2017. Registration number: 933815

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