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Why influencer fundraising is the way forward


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Help! We’re a charity that wants to work with influencers but have NO IDEA where to start?!

Have no fear! You have come to THE RIGHT PLACE. Influencer fundraising is the next generation of celebrity fundraising and we're here to help you understand exactly what an influencer is and how they can change the game for your 2021 fundraising.

So let's get started!

First off, what IS an influencer?!

Simply put, an influencer is someone who has influence over their audience’s buying decisions. You may have heard the term ‘influencer marketing’, this is the term used for working with an influencer to drive the marketing of your brand, campaign or product. Typically we see influencers on social media channels were they have garnered huge audiences in the Millennial and Gen-Z market.

Lets look at the levels of influencer you may have heard:

Micro influencers

10k-100k followers

Travel advisor @passporttofriday (24k followers) is a great example of a micro influencer as well as fashion and lifestyle guru @laryssaerratt (66.3k followers).

Mid-tier influencers

100k-500k followers

Travel influencer @wzylouisey (171k) is a solid mid-tier influencer similar to fitness influencer @alexcrockford (200k)

Mega influencers

500k-2m followers

@LipStickNick (920k) is a great mega-influencer in the beauty community following just behind the gorgeous family influencers @thekabsfamily (1m)

All-Star influencers

2m+ followers

A great example of this would be the gamer PewDiePie (21.8m) or make-up artist James Charles (27m).

Let's break down the differences between each of the levels

Micro influencers:

Great for building validity with their audience. Can easily connect to their audience and get great content interaction. Usually work for free/pro-bono/lower rates than many macro influencers.

Mid-Tier Influencers

Great for exclusive partnerships. Utilise their audience to grow your brand quickly.

Mega Influencers

Access huge audiences but the cost of partnership is higher. Huge exposure for your brand and campaign. Usually includes legally binding contracts.

All-star influencers

HUGE reach, but the audience are usually slightly less engaged and more diverse so you wont have the level of segmented audience that you might with micro-influencers.

Where do we commonly see influencers?

Influencers heavily dominate the social media space (specifically Instagram) where they create content and engage with their audience, building trust so that when that influencer recommends something, they listen to what they say!

✔️ Reach new, engaged audiences with ease that you can introduce your organisation to.

✔️ Build your own organisations following.

✔️ Achieve more sign ups for campaigns.

✔️ Reach younger audiences (Millennials, the most engaged audience for influencer marketing).

Which generations are engaging with influencer marketing and why?

Millennials are the most engaged generation with influencer marketing, the reason for this is the heavy mobile device usage but also their emotional connection to brands.


✔️ Connect with brands more emotionally than older generations.

✔️ Millennials are more likely to connect with organisations that support causes they care about (37% are even willing to pay more to brands that do this!).

✔️ Co-content creation is a key factor with millennials, 40% want to participate in this (look at platforms such as TikTok and Instagram where users create content interacting with brands and products that they love).

Okay, so you now have a bit of an understanding of what an influencer is and how influencer marketing can help your organisation - now let’s start digging in to how you can connect with influencers.

How to connect with influencers

Micro Influencers (10K – 100K)

DM via social network or personal website

Mid-Tier Influencers (100K – 500K)

DM via social network or personal website

Mega Influencers (500K – 2M)

Manager/influencer agency

All-Star Influencers (+ 2M)

Manager/influencer agency

How do we identify which influencers are right for us? 

There are a number of great ways to identify which influencers are right for your cause and luckily (especially with micro and mid-tier audiences) their personal brand and audience is quite segmented so you can focus on a really strong audience that matches your organisation.

Key ways we could utilise influencer fundraising:

💎 Giveaways/Raffles
💎 Sign up discount code
💎 Influencer hosted events
💎 Livestream fundraisers
💎 Zoom meet and greets
💎 Signed/gifted merchandise
💎 Donate your birthdays

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