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What's next for Light Up A Life?

We've rolled in-memory giving and Light Up A Life into one easy-to-use package!


Product news

Let's go hybrid this year!

The pandemic has changed many of the ways in which we fundraise, and Light Up A Life is no different. Last year, hospices took their services online but now that restrictions have lifted, most of our partners are looking for a 'hybrid format' for this year.

That's why we're building custom microsites for our hospices. They'll let your supporters set up Tribute Pages to remember a loved one, and buy tickets to attend your services either in-person or via a livestream.

By putting technology at the heart of Light Up A Life, your hospice can reach more people, raise more donations and make a bigger difference in 2021.

How does it work?

Set up a Tribute Pages

Your supporters can set up Tribute Pages in memory of a loved one in the lead up to the service.

Attend the service

Get your tickets to the in-person service or attend an interactive livstream - don't worry, your audience will still be able to donate online!

Simple reporting

Track your progress from the GiveStar dashboard, and download reports on Donations, Gift Aid and Contact Details to name a few!

Remembering a loved one

Forget the cold, impersonal pages that so many in-memory sites offer, with custom tribute pages your supporters have a special place in which to fundraise for their loved ones in the lead-up to your service.

✔️ Supporters can personalise their pages with banners, profiles and a bio to remember a loved one.

✔️ A memory and gallery wall helps build that sense of community in remembrance.

✔️ ‘Acts of Kindness’ badges lets your hospice show supporters how much their efforts mean.

Tap-to-donate at the service

You'll also need an easy way to take donations at the service. With fewer people carrying cash, contactless is a fantastic tool for unlocking more donations at your event.

But contactless doesn't have to be daunting. Our simple clip device let's your fundraisers take donations with their smartphone.

✨ If you're experiencing high footfall, then make sure to click the ‘Rapid Donation’ feature on the GiveStar app. This will let your donors simply tap their card and go! 

✨ Let your donors know that they can add Gift Aid to their donations so your charity can benefit from an extra 25% on every contribution.

✨ We also let your fundraisers collect the Contact Details, so that your hospice can follow up after the service in a GDPR compliant way.

Attending the service online

Last year, so many loved ones were remembered in isolation. But we can help! With charity livestream, families can hold virtual vigils, remembrance days or commemorative services – bringing loved one’s together, no matter where they are in the world.

🕊️Funeral/celebration of life services.

🕊️Memorials, vigils, light up a life services.

🕊️Family remembrance gatherings.

🕊️Light up a Life services.

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