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Let’s be honest - it’s all very well talking about how great we are, but what do our charity partners say? We’ve been working with some of the UK’s most dynamic charities to empower fundraisers, and unlock more donations in a digital, cashless world. 

But don’t take our word for it! Here’s what our charity partners have said about us.

We’re built hand-in-hand with charities

We’re made for charities, with charities - and it shows! Our partners have been helping us develop new tech that makes fundraising simple - for both charities and fundraisers alike.

"They’ve been great to work with because they explained what's important and developed stuff to meet our needs and also good for other charities.”

Laura Jones, Senior Innovation Officer

Christian Aid

Easy to use

Fundraisers need simple tools that they can pick up and run with. With our faff-free solutions, even the least tech-savvy volunteer can start supercharging their efforts.

TapSimple was the perfect platform! Love the platform - very easy to use and looks nice and professional when finished!

Lucy Charles-Barclay, Charity Ambassador


We help you raise more!

We’re helping our charity partners to unlock more donations in a digital, cashless world. Our tools work!

TapSimple made fundraising at our event easy, and we were able to almost double our expected goal

Jamie Lindsay, Fundraiser

Mary's Meals

Simple Reporting

Take the faff out of reporting! Your charity can download reports across multiple fundraising streams from one place for easy reconciliation.

We first introduced their technology and were able to substantially reduce the amount of paperwork our staff had to do

Stephanie Revell, Special Events Manager

Children with Cancer UK

Great Support

Our team is helping charities make the most of their fundraising - with free advice, reports and assistance. We’re always here to help charities raise more, to do more!

Working with GiveStar was a joy, the team are incredibly helpful and keen to make the user experience as easy as possible.”

Harriet Quigley, Events Manager

The Quintessentially Foundation

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