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World Health Day 2022


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What is World Health Day?

Each April 7th for 74 years, the world has celebrated the inception of the World Health Organization (a United Nations specialized agency responsible for our public health) with the annual ‘World Health Day’. 

Two years ago, most of us probably didn't know much about ‘The World Health Organisation’, but following the global pandemic, many of us watched with bated breath at their response to COVID-19 and it became a part of our daily lives. 

But this World Health Day, we are reflecting on not just the health of our people, but also the health of our planet and the effect that pollution and climate change is having on us as a society.

Sounds simple, right? Keep the planet healthy, keep ourselves healthy. But it’s not always as simple as that. The World Health Organisation is urging governments and the population to share their plans and steps taken to prioritize the planet's health and wellbeing.

World Health Day Challenge

This World Health Day we are taking some of the WHO's top tips for making a healthier change and creating the World Health Day Challenge! 6 days of healthy habits to help you make a positive impact on both your health and your health of the planet.

🚲 Transport 🚲 

Try cycling or walking to work and around your daily lives instead of jumping in the car. Why not challenge yourself to make one day a week carbon neutral?

💡 Renewable energy 💡

Try to switch to renewable energy where possible and make small changes such as turning off light switched and plug sockets when they're not being used.

🥦 Source fresh 🥦

Try to buy fresh produce where possible and reduce your processed food intake.

🚬 Cigarettes 🚬

Try to quit smoking and reduce the harmful toxins from entering the atmosphere. 

♻️ Recycling ♻️

Make a conscious effort to reduce your plastic usage; use reusable water bottles and scrap the plastic shopping bags to help make a difference.

Why not download our 1-week challenge template below to start your own journey to a healthier planet and a healthier you!

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