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What is Tap-on-Phone fundraising?

Contactless fundraising just got really easy - no hardware, no problem!


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Fundraising in a cashless world

Now that restrictions have been lifted, it’s time to get out there and start fundraising again. But first, we need to empower our amazing fundraisers with a new set of tools for a post-lockdown world.

As we all know, cash donations are in decline (and have been for a while!), with the donation bucket being past its sell by date.

What fundraisers need is an easy-to-use contactless solution. Luckily, we've had one for a while! Cancer Research UK, Christian Aid and NSPCC are just some of the dynamic charities using our devices to collect more donations at their events, in the community and with their corporate partners.

But we want to go so much further! That's why we've developed Tap-on-Phone. It's brand new, and let's fundraisers collect donations with just their smartphone. That means no more hardware costs, and easier way for fundraisers to unlock more donations. Cool, huh?

How will Tap-on-Phone work?

Download the GiveStar App

Simply log into the app and pick the campaign that you'd like to fundraise for.

Start fundraising

Not only can you collect contactless donations, but your fundraisers will also be able to collect Gift Aid and contact details.

View live reports

All the information filters into your GiveStar Account where you can track your progress and download reports!

We're getting rid of the hardware!

Tap-on-Phone does exactly what is says on the tin: fundraisers can take card donations donations with their smartphones but downloading the GiveStar app.

So what are the benefits of tap-on-phone?

✨ Tap-on-Phone is a scalable solution for contactless fundraising. There are no hardware costs, which means you can empower every fundraiser with a simple message to download the app.

✨ It's easy-to-use for the fundraiser. Over 90% of adults in the UK have a smartphone, and tap-on-phone let's them fundraise with a system that they're already use to!

✨ This is a really quick way to roll out contactless. Apart from the cost of hardware, it also takes time and effort to distribute it to your supporters and then there are questions around returns. With a downloadable app, we can skip all that fuss!

TapTap Giving trading as GiveStar is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) under the Payment Service Regulations 2017. Registration number: 933815

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