Welcome to GiveStar! (previously TapSimple)

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Welcome to GiveStar
(the new TapSimple!)


Product news

Hello! We are GiveStar (the new TapSimple!) and we’re helping charities empower their fundraisers the easy way. How? By giving them the simple tools they need to shine in a digital, cashless world. 

Let’s get started!

Why are we changing to GiveStar?

When we started out, we were driven by the ambition of changing the face of contactless fundraising (which we’re proud to say, we did!)

With our awesome clip-on devices, charities have been able to side-step the decline of cash and start future-proofing their fundraising long-term. So for our mission back then, ‘TapSimple’ was the perfect name for us. 

Fast forward to today and you can see we’ve changed a lot!

From the tools we provide to the charities and fundraisers we support, we knew that our brand had to also change to fit our mission for the years to come.

Here’s just one example: as lockdown started last year, TapSimple had just one service, our contactless devices. Now, we’re empowering fundraisers with a range of simple tools that anyone can pick up and run with.

But it’s not just about our great new tools

We also wanted our brand to hero the amazing fundraisers out there. Something more personal, friendly and engaging. That’s where GiveStar comes in! We’re giving fundraisers the simple tools they need to shine in a digital, cashless world.

Looking to future-proof your charity fundraising?

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GiveStar is proud to be a trusted supplier of the National Council for Voluntary Organisations

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