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Ticketing made simple

Bring your donors together in support of fantastic causes

What is it?

Simple ticketing for both your in-person and online event - all from one place.
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Bring ticketing to one place

Looking to ticket your charity event? GiveStar has you covered! From one place, you start ticketing all types of events - ready to share with the world.

  • Set-up tickets for both online and in-person events (at the same time!)
  • Give attendees the opportunity to donate whilst purchasing tickets.
  • Pick between a free ticket option or a standard entry.

Brilliant for:


Hosting a prize draw for charity? Label tickets to let participants enter multiple times for a chance of winning a prize.

Virtual Quiz Night

Are you hosting a charity event online? With ticketing built into our virtual events platform, your attendees can easily sign up and attend from one page.

Gala Dinners

It’s time to get back out there! Whether it’s a gala dinner or charity fair, ticketing for in-person events has just got a lot simpler.

How it works


an event page and choose your ticket type


ticket sales from your dashboard


the ticket sales reports for easy reconciliation

Let your events team get creative

With simple tools at your fingertips, it has never been easier to start getting creative with your charity ticketing.

  • Label your tickets to set-up raffles, offer hampers or tiered access to the event
  • Set-up multiple ticket options to let your donors attend at different prices
  • Customise the email receipt to give a personal thank you to those attending

Seamless and efficient for charities

Your central dashboard brings different donation streams together, so you can manage and track your fundraising all from one place.

Create, customise and share your tickets from one place to another

Monitor ticket sales at a glance and access data to improve your performance

Streamline reconciliation with downloadable reports on ticket sales, contacts, donations and more!

Ticketing just got even simpler!

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