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Tap-on-Phone donating is live!

Take contactless donations with just your smartphone - no card reader, no problem!

Brilliant for

Gala Dinners

Collect raffles, prizes and donations with tap-on-phone.

Coffee mornings

Take donations from friends & family with just your phone.

Station collections

Great for high foot-fall areas - donors can simply tap-and-go!

Employee fundraising

Use your work phones to collect donations in and around the office!

Link Tap-on-Phone to your online fundraising

For the first time EVER, fundraisers can now link their contactless fundraising to online giving pages, letting them see all their donations in one place. 

That means if you're fundraising as part of an event, challenge or corporate partnership BOTH your online AND in-person activity will count towards a single fundraising target on your page. Cool, huh?

Also with QR codes!

At the moment, Tap-on-Phone is Android only but that shouldn’t stop you. If your fundraisers don’t have an Android phone then they can use a QR code which will pop on their mobile phone screen.

Either way, we’re here to empower your fundraisers with phone-led fundraising. That means equipping more fundraisers to take more donations, with no upfront costs, no logistical headaches and all in all less hassle!

What do charities say about Tap-on-Phone?

"The overall look and feel of the app is really good, it is straight forward and simple to follow"

"I was very impressed - easy to navigate... all clear and simple to use"

"GiveStar has revolutionised the way we take donations"

Turn your phone into a fundraising machine

Have a coffee morning? Imagine if every person taking part could collect donations with just their smartphone.... Now they can!

Custom donation buttons

Offer custom donation buttons for a seamless donor experience.

Collect Gift Aid

Our donor journey let's your fundraisers collect Gift Aid information on the spot.

Customisable imagery

Bring every appeal to life with customise imagery and text.

Collect contact details

Boost donor acquisition by collecting contact details during the process.

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