Tap-on-Phone is making contactless fundraising SCALABLE

Let your fundraisers take a contactless donation with just their smartphone - no card readers needed!

Tap-On-Phone donations (coming soon!)

Take contactless donations with just your smartphone - no hardware, no problem!

What is Tap-on-Phone?

Something big is happening with contactless donations, and it’s going to change everything. It’s called Tap-On-Phone - and it’s making card readers obsolete.

Tap-on-Phone allows fundraisers to take contactless donations with just their smartphone. Cool, huh?

Why's it so amazing?

✨ No devices needed (meaning no hardware cost!)

✨ No complicated set up - it's super easy to use.

✨ A scalable option for charities looking to empower their fundraisers.

We've already got some of the most dynamic charities in the UK signed up to trial tap-on-phone and the great news is, you can join them!

How does it work?

How it works for charities

Sign up for our trial and be amongst the first to use tap-on-phone.

Email fundraisers and tell them how to get started.

Track performance and download reports for easy reconciliation.

How it works for fundraisers

Download the free GiveStar app and select 'Tap-on-Phone'.

Click the campaign or event that you'd like to fundraise for.

Donor taps their card on your phone - and hey presto!

Brilliant for

Gala Dinners

Hosting an event for major donors? Collect raffles, prizes and donations with tap-on-phone.


Tell donors the story behind every appeal with custom imagery and text that shows up on the app.

Station collections

Great for high foot-fall areas - donors can simply tap-and-go!

Employee fundraising

Use your work phones to collect donations in and around the office!

100% contactless donations for fuss-free fundraising

Have a coffee morning? Imagine if every person taking part could collect donations with just their smartphone.... Now they can!

Customise donation buttons

Offer preset or custom donation buttons for a seamless donor experience.

Collect Gift Aid

Our donor journey let's your fundraisers collect Gift Aid information on the spot.


Quick tap-and-go donating for busy donors and high footfall areas.

Customisable imagery

That shows up on the fundraisers' phone, letting you bring every appeal to life.

Collect contact details

Boost donor acquisition by collecting contact details during the donation process.

Cover the fee

Give the donor the option of covering the GiveStar fee right then and there.

Get involved

We've already got some the most dynamic charities in the UK signed up to trial tap-on-phone and the great news is, you can join them!

At the moment, this trial is only with Android phones but it's an exciting opportunity to be at the forefront of the contactless revolution.

But here's the deal: we want your feedback every step of the way. We want to know what works, what doesn't work and how we can create the perfect solution for your fundraisers. Sounds like a deal?

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What is Tap-on-Phone fundraising?

Tap-on-Phone does exactly what is says on the tin: fundraisers can take card donations donations with an Android smartphone by downloading the GiveStar app.

So what are the benefits of tap-on-phone?

✨ It's a scalable solution for contactless fundraising. There are no hardware costs, which means you can empower every fundraiser with a simple call-to-action.

✨ It's easy-to-use for the fundraiser. Over 90% of adults in the UK have a smartphone, and tap-on-phone let's them fundraise with a system that they're already use to!

✨ This is a really quick way to roll out contactless. No more faff around sending out devices and creating a return policy.

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