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Shape of the Year


Take a look at the future of fundraising!

2021 is shaping into a really exciting year. With simple tools at their fingertips, we've already seen fundraisers across the country reach incredible new heights. But we want to go further!

We're building something new.

After talking with our charity partners, we’ve created a plan to make our platform even more fundraiser friendly. With engagement and inclusivity at the heart of our upcoming developments, we’re striving to unleash the potential of every fundraiser out there. 

Here’s how we are going to do it!

New Fundraiser Profiles

GiveStar is getting a social media makeover this year. Fundraisers will be able to set-up profiles on their charity dashboard - complete with bios, interests, profiles pictures and more. We can’t wait to see fundraisers getting creative in their charity space!

What will the key benefits be?

🌟 Boost fundraiser engagement with a personalised platform.

🌟 Build a community as fundraisers check out each others profiles.

🌟 Make sure you’re getting the most out of ‘Volunteer Days’.

Campaigns & Lifetime Stats

We’re supercharging the snapshot view that fundraisers have of their activity on the dashboard. On the Home Page, fundraisers will see every challenge, appeal or community event they have taken part in, with the ability to jump in and compare performance with the click of a button.

What will the key benefits be?

🌟 Quickly jump in and monitor your fundraising performance. 

🌟 Review your lifetime fundraising stats.

🌟 Compare your performance across all challenges, appeals and events.

Badges & Trophies

This is an important one! We’re giving fundraisers the chance to unlock badges and trophies when they achieve key milestones. Part of GiveStar’s drive towards gamification, we’re looking to put the fun back into fundraising.

What will the key benefits be?

🌟 Recognise the achievements of your fundraisers.

🌟 Boost your fundraisers' competitive spirit.

🌟 Customise your trophies and badges to fit your charity set-up.

The future of fundraising is looking bright!

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