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How to use QR codes at your next event

Key learnings from the Fayre of St James's 2021


Case Study

Oh what a night!

The Fayre of St James's carol concert took place in the beautiful enclaves of St James’s Church, Piccadilly. A magical evening of carols, readings, and live performances by the likes of Tom Grennan, Sam Ryder, Nicola Benedetti and Birdy who all came together to support the work of The Childhood Trust and Quintessentially Foundation.

Celebrating their 10th anniversary, this Fayre of St James's raised a truly phenomenal £200,000 which will go to supporting UK-based grassroots organisations working in disadvantaged communities.

QR codes were an all important part of Quintessentially Foundation reaching their on-the-night target. In just five minutes, they received over £14,000 (x3 of their overall on the night target) via QR codes. We're here to chat through their success, and give you some quick tips on how to use QR codes at your next event.

Why did QR codes work at this event?

QR code on every brochure

The fantastic team at Quintessentially Foundation made sure every attendee had a brochure with a QR code on it.

A clear call-to-actions

So important! Ben Elliot, Chairman of Quintessentially Foundation, gave a fantastic speech, finishing with a call to scan the QR code.

Triple the on-the-night target

This was a really simple way for Quintessentially Foundation to make more cashless donations on the night then they've ever done before.

Top 3 tips for getting the most out of QR codes

No.1 Have a clear call-to-action

This is the most important rule! A clear call-to-action is essential when getting the attendees of your event to donate. It doesn't have to be pushy, but letting your guests know that there is an avenue in which they can give will lead to a higher volume of donations.

We saw this done to perfection by Ben Elliot at the end of the night's performances. He let the audience know that they can donate by scanning the QR codes on the back of the pamphlets and within five minutes, we had seen £14,500 flood in!

If you take nothing else from this list, make sure you have a clear call-to-action when promoting QR codes to your donors.

No. 2 Put QR codes in front of your donors

QR codes need to be visible. There's little point having QR codes tucked away in the corner of the room where nobody can see them or, indeed, in a high footfall area (like a doorway) where none of your guests can pause to scan them.

The best way to use QR codes are to put them right in front of your potential donors. That means printing them on brochures, programs, church pews and strut cards (for tables). This will make your call-to-action far easier and get those guests donating!

No.3 Double up with contactless

QR are great, but they're only one way for a guest to donate and we want to give attendees as many options to give as possible. That's where contactless comes in!

On the night of the Fayre of St James's we had volunteers at the doors and roaming the church pews during the call-to-action. It made for a good opportunity with any guests who weren't comfortable with QR codes to simply tap-to-donate right then and there.

Have an event in mind? Let's explore your options!

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