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Lidl's Regional Distributions Centres raises loads for NSPCC!


Case Study
13 Regional Distribution Centres

Active RDC's at Lidl

13 contactless devices

Supporting fantastic employees

DIY Fundraising

Made easy with autonomous groups

Sweets, raffles & chocolates

Just some of the things the enterprising employees at Lidl have been selling to help raise money for the NSPCC over the last year and a bit.

Since December 2020, Lidl's thirteen Regional Distribution Centres have been using Give Star to support their fundraising efforts in aid of the NSPCC. Armed with thirteen contactless devices they've been setting up their own sweet sales, raffles, easter egg hunts and many more DIY activities!

Each Lidl RDC has their own account under the NSPCC umbrella. That means they can create their own campaigns, see how much they've raised and carry on fundraising autonomously whilst the NSPCC can keep track of all their activity. Cool, huh?

Fundraising Snapshot

Let's have a look at how each of Lidl's RDC's performed over the last year:

💷The most common donation taken was £5 across the RDCs but we also saw donations reaching into the triple digits at times!

🎅For all your monthly split experts out there it is no surprise that December (with all that festive fundraising) was the most successful month of the year - very closely followed by August in second place.

🏃We saw a total of 57 different contactless campaigns (everything from raffles to carols) that were created throughout the year.

GiveStar has helped Lidl's RDC's fundraise autonomously and the results have been incredible so far. If you've got a corporate partner that have regional distribution centres then get in touch. We can help you replicate the NSPCC's success!

“With the support of GiveStar, we are able to provide innovative new ways for raising much needed donations for our partnered charity, the NSPCC”

Mark Newbold, Senior CSR Manager at Lidl GB
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