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Online Giving Pages made simple

Ready to supercharge your fundraising in a digital world?

What is it?

A customisable donation page that can be shared with friends, family and colleagues to help raise money for your charity’s cause.
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Easy and empowering for fundraisers

Let your fundraisers get creative with customisable Online Giving Pages they can’t wait to share with the world.

  • Personalise your Online Giving Page with customisable imagery, colours and content
  • Set up Donation Buttons to make it easy for visitors to give 
  • Add a Title or Description to each Donation Button to show donors how their contribution will help

Brilliant for:


Hosting a prize draw for charity? Label the Donation Buttons on your page to give supporters an easy way to take part!

Sporting challenges

Taking on a sporting challenge? Link Strava to your Online Giving Page to let donors track your progress.


Celebrating a ‘World Day’? Create an Online Giving Page that tells your supporters more and makes it easy for them to donate to your cause.

How it works for charities


a template Online Giving Page to share with your fundraisers


their progress from HQ


their fundraising reports for easy reconciliation

How it works for fundraisers

Personalise your Online Giving Page 

Share your page with friends and family to start raising donations

Track your progress with on-the-spot data

Easy to share far and wide

There are lots of ways for fundraisers to share their Online Giving Pages - so they can reach more donors, and raise more donations.

Share your link via

Social Media



Share your QR code on



Charity Stands

Seamless and efficient for charities

Your central dashboard brings different donation streams together, so you can manage and track your fundraising all from one place.


customise and share your Online Giving Page templates with fundraisers


donations at a glance and access data to improve fundraising performance


reconciliation with downloadable reports on Donations, Gift Aid and Contacts

Powering incredible partnerships

GOSH launches Online Giving Pages for their Brand Ambassadors!

‘GiveStar was the perfect platform! Love the platform - very easy to use and looks nice and professional when finished.’

Lucy Charles-Barkley - Redbull Triathlete and Brand Ambassador for GOSH

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