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On-street fundraising with Royal Marsden Cancer Charity

Alex Crump's 26 hour treadmill marathon ends in big donations!


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Donating at pace!

In September 2019,  GiveStar supported The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity with their on-street fundraising as Alex Crump ran on a treadmill for over 26 hours! Volunteers used TapSimple devices to take contactless donations and raised an astounding £11,500.

Here's just some of the features that those fundraisers used to support their efforts on the day:
🏃Rapid Donations which let donors simply tap-on-go (great when you're in a hurry!)

🎁Gift Aid information could be taken as part of the donation process.

📇Same with contact details! So Royal Marsden could link every donation with its donor.

Want to see how contactless could work for your community fundraising efforts?

“Just to say a massive thanks to all the team at TapSimple. I thought it was a great success raising over £11,500 through contactless. So glad we could get this partnership in place in such a short timeframe.”

Alex Crump, Event Organiser and Runner

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