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What is a microsite?

Simply put, a charity microsite is a web page, or a small cluster web pages, which sit independently of your website. Imagine that you're planning the biggest campaign of the year: lots of fundraisers, big target, the works.

You want to create a fully-branded, mini website just for that fundraising campaign. A place where people can sign up, create their own fundraising pages and compete against each other in real-time.

That's where a microsite comes in! And here's why some of the most dynamic charities in the UK are using them:

🌟 They're great for all types of campaign: Gaming, Challenge Events, In-Memory Giving and many more!

🌟 Everyone can get involved, no matter where they are in the world

🌟 It's easy to supercharge engagement with leaderboards, badges, milestones and more!

🌟Simple reporting ties everything together, so you can collect valuable information for your database.

Some of our favourite ideas:

Gaming for Good

Invite streamers to link Twitch to their fundraising pages. Now they can raise donations whilst they game!

Employee Challenges

Have you got a corporate partner? Microsites are great for employee campaigns! Offices, stores and departments can all compete to raise more money for your cause.

Light Up A Life

Let your supporters remember a loved one with custom tribute pages and then attend a live-streamed service - all from one place!

Challenge Events

Participants can either team up or go solo to take on a challenge for your charity. Keep your eyes peeled for some exciting campaigns coming up!

Team Up or Go Solo?

Anyone can create or join a team. This could be a group of friends, colleagues from work or a local sports club - the possibilities are endless!

Each member of the team will have their own fundraising page, but you'll be competing together to earn badges and get up the leaderboard.

And don't worry about reporting! That's all brought together in the charity dashboard, where you'll be able to collect valuable fundraising data across all the team members taking part.

🌟 Bring out the community spirit as friends, family and colleagues take on a challenge together.

🌟 Downloadable reports lets you keep on top of every team and see exactly how much they're raising.

🌟 Inspire some healthy competition as different teams strive to do the most for your charitable cause.

Leaderboards & Badges

This is part of what's often called the 'gamification' of fundraising. We've seen time-and-again that fundraisers run further, raise more and shout louder about your campaign when they're given added incentives.

This could be customised badges congratulating them on their first donation, or a leaderboard that shows that they're topping the charts. Either way, our incentive features are great for boosting engagement.

🌟 Congratulate your fundraisers when they reach a key milestone. 

🌟 Fuel a healthy competition as different teams strive to be at the top of the leaderboard. 

🌟 Pin-point which groups need encouragement and send out custom emails.

Powering incredible partnerships

GlassDoor host their 2022 SleepOut on a GiveStar microsite

"Our supporters find the sign-up process quick and simple through our microsite and we would recommend them to any charity looking for a custom-made microsite for their event."

Kirsty Clift - Community and Events Fundraising Officer at Glass Door Homeless Charity

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