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Instagram Reels: The hot new trend for charities


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Ready, steady - Insta!

Back in August 2020, we saw the launch of Instagram’s latest feature ‘Instagram Reels’, a very similar concept to popular app ‘TikTok’, Instagram Reels is a 15 second audio and video clip that users can create and post online.

If you are watching a reel it will seamlessly loop to another reel as soon as you’ve finished watching, making for quite addictive watching!

But what are instagram reels used for? Who watches them? And how can charities harness this new feature to grow their audience?

We’re giving you the complete low-down on the hottest new social trend for charities.

How are Instagram reels created?

Users can choose from audio clips online to go over the top of their video, or record their own audio. Next you record footage or upload videos you’ve previously saved to complete a 15 second video clip (your ‘reel’). 

Instagram allows you to add effects, colour and text to your reels to make them more engaging for viewers. 

Take a look on Instagram's ‘explore’ page to get an idea of the engaging content people create to give you a feel for how to shape your reels.

Once you’re happy with your reel, you can share to your Instagram feed (main page) as well as your stories and ‘reels’ page. 

Top Tip: use relevant hashtags in your reel captions so that more people can find your content.

Pro Tip: reels have trends, just like anything else. Trending music, trending challenges etc - so use the Instagram explore page to see how you can jump on these trends for your reel. Using trending audio will increase your reel’s reach and bring in new audiences.

Who watches them?

According to Iconosquare, Instagram Reels has an average demographic of between 18-34 year olds, whereas TikTok (platform famous for having a reels-esque feature prior to Instagram’s launch) has a much younger demographic of Gen Z (ages 10-19).

So if your latest fundraising strategy involved gaining more traction in the millennial space, Instagram Reels is a trend you should be exploring!

How can charities engage?

A) Ask your audience to create reels on your behalf

If you have influencers or celebrity partners representing your brand, ask them to create a reel explaining why they support your cause for your next campaign. According to SproutSocial; stories, carousel posts and reels should be a major part of your strategy to maintain high engagement rates on instagram.

B) Create reels for your own charity

Instead of creating a stand alone post, why not create a reel the next time you want to share information on social media? We’ve created a top list of ideas below that you could use to get more people engaging with your content on social media.

Ideas to try out for your next charity reel:

Here's some of our favourites!

✨Information on a new event
✨Information on your cause (short, sharp impact statements)
✨Meet the team
✨Video clips of your work
✨5 things people didn’t know about your charity
✨5 reasons to give to your charity
✨5 ways people can help your charity without donating
✨Footage from events/charity galas/celebs getting ready

Great charity examples

AJ Pritchard

posted a reel of him attending the British Ballet Charity Gala. The reel has over 248k views and 18k likes.

Pali Roots charity

posted an information video giving statistics about their cause. The reel has over 172k views and 9k likes.

MatW Project

posted a reel with cause information over video content. The reel has over £104k views and 7k likes

Instagram reels are here to stay!

Our resounding message- Instagram Reels are here to stay and more over, it’s one of the fastest ways to drive engagement around your brand on social media right now. So if you’re looking to increase your social presence and connect with more millennials, try out Instagram Reels and let us know how you get on! Tag @wearegivestar to have your reel featured on our stories!

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