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How are charities boosting their
cashless donations at special events?

Take a look at how the  Bowel Cancer team smashed their fundraising target at an event hosted by the BIA.


Case Study

Gala Dinner Fundraising at it's finest!

The Challenge: 

Getting a room of 2000 individuals to donate to Bowel Cancer UK whilst enjoying their annual gala dinner. 

With only a handful of fundraisers and a short time to take donations, the Bowel Cancer team were worried they would be a little stretched and not be able to maximise on the donations available in the room.

The Solution: 

GiveStar’s QR code facility was the perfect solution. QR codes were placed on every table to enable 1000s of donations to take place at once. Guests just had to scan the QR code and use Apple Pay, Google Pay or their card details to make the donation. 

The Fun Part!

To encourage donations, Bowel Cancer and the BIA wanted to create a bit of competition in the room.

GiveStar created a bespoke branded page that displayed a leaderboard on the night.

Tables were tasked with raising the most for Bowel Cancer, and they could keep an eye on their progress with the top 10 showing on the big screen with prizes available for the top fundraising tables.

Now that is one way to increase donation sizes!

Why did QR Codes work so well?

Smashing Targets

Bowel Cancer UK were thrilled to hit their target in record time. In fact, over 80% of their fundraising target was reached in under 30 minutes!

25% Extra? Yes please!

When using QR codes we saw that 79% of donations had Gift Aid applied.What a way to boost donations!

Live oversight

Maintain oversight of all the nights fundraising using GiveStar’s live dashboard.

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