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Product news

for next-level gamer fundraising

We have been working away behind the scenes at GiveStar to make something truly awesome for gamers wanting to fundraise. We've listened to everything they wanted to see and are so excited to share our finished product with you! We will be talking about our full microsite offerings to be launched shortly, but for is a sneak peak at some of the exciting new features coming for all your gamers.

In-Stream donations

YES! We really mean it! Unlike many sites that take you to a separate window (meaning you miss all the action of the game!), we've created a donation pop-up that allows you to donate to your favourite charity whilst sill having the game play live in the background, meaning you don't miss a minute of your favourite stream!

Streamer badges

From connecting your stream to Twitch, to earning fundraising milestones - we have created gaming badges that are triggered by specific actions on a persons page and instantly fired to help encourage your fundraisers to keep going.

Streamer Challenges

Streamers can encourage their fundraisers to donate certain amounts by setting challenges (IE I'll shave my head if you donate £1000). Streamers can also set their own personal challenges; from completing a certain length of time streaming, to more gaming specific challenges (completing certain levels or completing speed runs etc).

Full window stream

Instead of just taking up the banner space at the top of your fundraising page, we have a full screen take over for your Twitch stream and chat window! We've even included 'donate' buttons at the top to make it even easier for viewers to see how they can take part. Scroll to underneath of the stream and you will see your progress bar, recent donations, challenges and badge wins too. Everything you need for a killer stream.

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