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Want to boost your national campaigns? Try automatic fundraising pages!

More engagement, more oversight - better fundraising.


Everybody gets a page!

Got a big campaign in the pipeline and looking to up the engagement? Well, automatically created fundraising pages are a great place to start

Most charities follow the same steps when encouraging their supporters to take part in a challenge or campaign. It usual involves a call to action on their website for volunteers to go to another platform (usually JustGiving) to set up a fundraising page.

But time and again, our charity partners have told us that there is a big drop off rate from when a supporter is on the charity website to when they go to set up a JustGiving page.

That's why we invested time and energy into automating the process. Instead of asking your supporters to create a page themselves, you can now email every person taking part a fundraising page which has been made just for them. Cool, huh?

How does it work?

Upload the dataset

This could be offices in a corporate partnership, faith groups or a community structure. We just need to know who gets a page!

It's time to design!

Create your perfect fundraising page to share with all your supporters. You choose whether they can change the image, copy or donation values.

Send it out

Most of our partners send out the pages via a mailmerge. It's a really simple way to get your supporters clicking and sharing their fundraising page.

Here's 3 tips for getting the most out of auto pages

No.1 Data is key

Making sure you have a good data set is a must. We don't want to be sending fundraising pages straight into a junk folder or seeing emails bounce.

Most of our charity partners use auto pages to target faith groups or corporate partners. Consistently we see that generic email address ('') won't be as successful as personal ones. So make sure your datasets up are up scratch!

No.2 Build up to the mass email

The bigger the lead time, the better. It's also best to send out your mail merge 2-3 months before the event, with top tips on how your supporters can share their pages with friends, family and colleagues.

This set up works best when you've got a date range in mind. Corporate partners, faith groups and community hubs are all great recipients of automatically created fundraising pages.

No.3 Have a stewardship strategy

We usually see charities sending out an email with just a few lines on the campaign, a link to the fundraising page and a best practice guide attached below. That's it!

After your supporters receive their fundraising pages - that's when communication becomes so important. From the GiveStar dashboard, your charity can see exactly which pages are rocketing and which individuals need a little encouragement or extra help.

When are automatic pages the best option?

Here are three of our favourites:
Emergency Appeals

Need to act fast? Automatically creating fundraising pages is a great way to raise funds in aid of disasters and appeals.

Corporate Partnerships

Every region, office and store can get their own fundraising page. Best of all, you can let them know who's performing the best.

Religious festivals

Faith groups are very responsive to auto fundraising pages - especially in the lead up to key religious periods like Ramadan, Easter, Christmas & Harvest.

Think that auto pages could work for your charity?

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