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Crisis in Afghanistan

Here's how you can help!


What's happening in Afghanistan?

On Sunday 15th of August, the Taliban took control of the capital city of Kabul, following the departure of US and NATO forces from the country.

The speed of the Taliban advance has taken much of the international community by surprise, and has left thousands of internally displaced people in Afghanistan.

Charity spokesmen have warned that the new Taliban regime could lead to the undercutting of human rights and, with thousands fleeing the country daily, the country is in desperate need of support.

That's why we've put together a list of some charities who have been doing fantastic work in the country. Come check them out!


Afghanaid is on the ground, supporting rural communities who have been effected by the turmoil of the last weeks. Their new "Crisis Appeal" is aiming to help the thousands of internally displaced people who have lost their homes and are seeking refuge.

They estimate that six times the number of people in Afghanistan are in need of humanitarian assistance in 2021, compared to just four years ago. Your support will allow Afghanaid to:

✨ Supply hygiene kits including laundry soap and hand soap.
✨ Give financial support so families can keep a roof over their heads.
✨ Vital packages such as solar powered lamps, stoves and gas cylinders.

Penny Appeal

Penny Appeal is helping to elevate hunger in Afghanistan. Already, they estimate that 30% of Afghans lack food security and this number is likely to only increase with the number of internally displaced persons.

Beyond providing daily meals, they organise community iftar and suhoor programmes, gifting essential household items and clothing and providing healthcare and medicines to the vulnerable in Afghanistan.

✨ Run a £1 for one meal programme
✨ Healthcare and medical supplies to those in need.
✨ Feeding orphans and the need


In response to the growing crisis and Taliban advance, UNICEF is leading a campaign to help the children affected by the conflict.

Hundreds of children have been killed and over 1,000 injured, with UNICEF on the ground providing the vital services need to help the vulnerable.

✨ Providing families with emergency water and hygiene kits.
✨ Supply lifesaving food for children in need.
✨ Giving out emergency shelter kits to families.

Islamic Relief

Islamic Relief has been working in Afghanistan for over 20 years. They're on the ground helping people who are fleeing crisis, faced with hunger and are without secure homes.

Millions of Afghans are struggling to put food on the table due to one of the worst droughts Afghanistan has seen and Islamic Relief is helping to make a difference as part of their Emergency Appeal.

✨ Providing hygiene and water storage kits for a displaced families.
✨ Supply families who have left their homes with emergency shelter
✨ Giving out food packs for those faced with starvation.

Save the Children

They've been working in Afghanistan since 1976 to deliver lifesaving services to children and their families across the country.

Save the Children's Emergency Fund lets them respond quickly to help children survive emergencies, such as the conflict in Afghanistan, earthquake in Haiti or the ongoing global hunger crisis.

✨ Provide handwashing facilities to protect children from diseases
✨ Buy food supplies for households that are in desperate need.
✨ Supply hygiene kits that include things like soap, towel and toothpaste.

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