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Contactless fundraising made simple

Ready to unlock more donations in a cashless world?

What is it?

A clip-on device that lets any fundraiser collect contactless or chip and pin donations with their smartphone
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Own your device for just £49

No signup fee, monthly contracts or service fee

  • Take donations up to £50,000
  • Collect Gift Aid information on the spot
  • Gather contact details for easy follow-ups

Brilliant for:

Gala Dinners

Hosting an event for major donors? Take raffles and donations with one easy-to-use device


Tell your community the story behind every appeal with custom imagery and text.

Station collections

Great for high foot-fall areas - donors can simply tap-and-go!

How does it work?

How it works for charities

Order a clip-on device for just £49 for your fundraisers

Create and customise a campaign card and assign fundraisers

Monitor performance and download reports for easy reconciliation

How it works for fundraisers

Download the free GiveStar app and connect your device to your smartphone

Click the campaign card that’s been shared with you and start fundraising

Track your fundraising progress with motivating on-the-spot data

Seamless and efficient for charities

Your central dashboard brings different donation streams together, so you can manage and track your fundraising all from one place.

  • Create, customise and share contactless campaigns with your fundraisers
  • Monitor donations at a glance and access data to improve fundraising performance 
  • Streamline reconciliation with downloadable reports on Donations, Gift Aid and Contacts

Simple and engaging for donors

Looking to connect with your donors? Our hand-held devices let fundraisers tell the story behind every appeal with custom imagery and text. 

Customisable imagery to bring every appeal to life

Offer preset or custom donation buttons for a seamless donor experience

Quick tap-and-go donating for busy donors and high footfall areas

Powering incredible partnerships

Mary’s Meals raise a brilliant £160,000 at the National Gallery

“GiveStar made fundraising at our event easy, and we were able to almost double our expected goal using the portable devices.”

Jamie, Special Events Officer Mary's Meals

Looking to supercharge your fundraising with contactless?

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