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Children with Cancer’s Annual Ball

Supported by GiveStar


Case Study
800 Guests



Total Raised

50 Volunteers

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GiveStar supporting Children with Cancer UK

In November 2019, GiveStar supported Children With Cancer UK at their fantastic Annual Ball at Grosvenor House, London. The Ball is their largest fundraising night of the year, with over 800 guests in attendance for an evening of entertainment and fundraising.

Fifty volunteers used GiveStar devices to take quick and easy donations during a great selection of fundraising activities.

The simple tools used to make this event a success

Gift Aid

Children with Cancer were able to raise an extra £2,476 by collecting Gift Aid information on the spot!

Give A Little Extra

The option for the donor to cover platform fees, 76% of donors covered the platform fee, saving the charity £1,946.

Rapid Donation Feature

Used for quickfire payments for raffle and heads & tails tickets, as well as the Treasure Trees.

Contact Form

Used to retain donor details in a GDPR compliant way. Also, to denote lot numbers and label prizes during the Grand Auction.

Real-time Reconciliation

The finance team was able to track the amount raised live from the balcony!  In addition to saving a huge amount of paperwork, this enabled them to push any slower moving fundraising activities, as well as motivate volunteers on the night.

“TapSimple has transformed the way that we take payments at our fundraising events. We first introduced the technology at our annual Ball last November and were able to substantially reduce the amount of paperwork and processing our staff had to do on the night.” 

Stephanie Revell, Special Events Manager

Children With Cancer

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