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Case Study - NSPCC & Lidl Northern Ireland


Case Study

Putting a QR code in every Lidl NI store

QR codes are a great way to fundraise: they're cheap, scalable and really simple to use.

That's why the NSPCC have been using QR codes to fundraise across Lidl stores in Northern Ireland. This campaign is giving the public a simple way in which to donate to a charity partner.

Lidl Northern Ireland have set themselves the impressive target of raising £600,000 for vital services including the NSPCC Helpline, Childline and Speak Out Stay Safe Schools Service.

And QR codes are just one of the tools that they're using to achieve that goal. Now that all the Lidl NI stores are fitted out, we're excited to see how far this partnership can go!

But how does it work?

When someone scans a QR code, they're taken to an Online Giving Page. Here they'll be able to donate, leave a message and learn more about NSPCC services.

Every store has it's own QR code, and this is where our awesome 'Group' feature comes in. The NSPCC can add different 'groups' to their GiveStar dashboard - this could be community teams, churches, corporate partners and many more!

By adding Lidl NI as a 'group', the NSPCC gave their corporate partner access to a range of simple fundraising tools (like QR codes), whilst retaining full oversight of their fundraising.

Even better, they were able to replicate the Lidl's organisational structure, so that every store had it's own QR code, reports and managers. Someone at NSPCC HQ could simply click into any Lidl store and track their performance.

What are the key benefits of 'Groups'?

Empowering fundraisers

By adding a 'group' to your charity dashboard, you'll be giving them access to a range of fundraising tools (like QR codes) that they can use to boost donations.

Retaining oversight

We have three levels of permission: Admin, Team Member and Volunteer. Your charity will be able to decide who can see what on the dashboard.

Collecting valuable data

This is so important! Our group reporting system will allow your charity download valuable data collected by each group - so you can build out your database.

Simple reconciliation

Easily downloadable reports, across multiple fundraising streams, makes reconciliation a breeze. This way, you can get all your fundraising info in one place.

And that's just the start...

Now that 46 Lidl NI stores are on the dashboard, we expect to see lots more fundraising beyond QR codes. Already, stores have been setting up their own Online Giving Pages, taking on challenges and raising donations organically.

The Lidl Newry group is just one such example. They're heading off to the Mourne Mountains to climb Slieve Donard with the aim of raising even more funds for vital NSPCC services. Amazing stuff!

Want to learn how 'groups' can work for you charity?

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