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Welcome to GiveStar

Simple tools to help boost cashless donations.

GiveStar: our mission

We're helping charities step confidently into a new world of digital, cashless fundraising. How? By empowering their fundraisers with the simple tools they need to unlock more donations than ever before.

Great Ormond Street Hospital, Cancer Research UK and Christian Aid are just some of the dynamic charities that are supercharging their fundraising with GiveStar. The great news is, you can too!

What you get with GiveStar

Simple tools, all in one place

For your charity and fundraising network to run with. They’re easy to use, minimise admin and help you raise more

Unleash your fundraising network

Let them sign up quickly, fundraise autonomously and access motivating on-the-spot data, with oversight from HQ

Unlock more donations

One view of many donation streams lets you deepen relationships with fundraisers and donors, target resource and improve campaigns

Made for charities, with charities

To tackle your pain points. Streamline Gift Aid, support stewardship, and save time on procurement, reporting and reconciliation

Personal support all the way

We partner with you and support you with insights, so you can step confidently into a new world of fundraising opportunity

Our journey so far



In 2018, our founders, Alex and Tom, launched "TapSimple" (the original name for GiveStar) to help charities adapt their fundraising to an increasingly cashless society.


Contactless for everyone

Our first product, a low cost contactless donation device, went from strength to strength, helping charities like the NSPCC unlock more donations at their events.


Beyond contactless

A year of expansion, we introduce Online Giving pages, Charity Ticketing, and Live Stream fundraising - all feeding into one dashboard. Less admin, more impact!


Welcome to GiveStar

GiveStar is born with help from our charity partners - a new name to reflect our full range of fundraising tools, while also putting empowering fundraisers front and centre.


Mass participation at its best

2022 saw the return of in person events and GiveStar was thrilled to support. From contactless at sporting events to mass registration our 360 platform continues to grow.


The year ahead

Raise, Give, Volunteer, Connect. GiveStar releases the first social platform for Doing Good. Watch this space!

Meet the team!

Alex - Co-Founder

Fun facts:
Obsessive news addict, former cross country runner, enjoyer of G&Ts.

Why Alex works for GiveStar:
"Tech advances, social media and massive social movements are changing the world of giving. It’s exciting to be at the centre of it helping charities adapt and thrive"

Cause close to Alex:
Prince's Trust

Tom - Co-Founder

Fun facts:
Half German with a mild obsession for Christmas markets.

Why Tom works for GiveStar:
"Being a small team there’s always the opportunity to involve yourself with different parts of the business, from tech to ops, sales and account management."

Cause close to Tom:

Dom - Head of Development

Fun facts:
Love adventures and will regularly spend weekends and holidays running through mountains and hills with just a backpack. 

Why Dom works for GiveStar:
"Things move quickly at GiveStar. When we see a feature that will help a charity fundraise more easily, we scope it, build it and then see the charities reap the rewards. On top of that we are always working with exciting new tech!"

Cause close to Dom:
Any charity helping our existence become more sustainable, through preventing climate change, ocean clean up and protection against deforestation.

Dave - Head of Operations

Why Dave works for GiveStar:
"Sense of achievement from implementing and supporting technology that benefits good causes"

Cause close to Dave:
WWF (To be fair, any animal charity)

Molly - Customer Support Manager

Fun facts:
A trained cook with a real love for crosswords, quizzes and cinema.

Why Molly works for GiveStar:
"The small tight knit team, and the fast pace means so much variety every day, especially with the advances in our tech. It’s great to play a part in helping wonderful charities make a difference."

Cause close to Molly:

Tom - Senior Account Executive

Fun facts:
A retired Ski Instructor who will do anything for a Mr Kipling Bakewell Tart.

Why Tom works for GiveStar:
"Working with our partners to come up with great ideas that genuinely make a difference to great causes"

Cause close to Tom:

Imogen - Account Executive

Fun facts:
Awful cook, brilliant bartender, mediocre horse rider.

Why Imogen works for GiveStar:
"I love that every day is different, I get to work with multiple charities on different campaigns that really make a difference. Also the GiveStar team is brilliant and amazing to work with!"

Cause close to Imogen:
CRUK & Mind

Tash - Innovation & Gaming

Fun facts:
Essex Chess champion aged 12, loves Pina Colada's (...but not getting caught in the rain)

Why Tash works for GiveStar:
"I love that everyone in the team collectively comes up with ideas and then we work at rapid speed to see how we can implement them. I love exciting new tech!"

Cause close to Tash:
Parkinson's UK

Personal support all the way

Our friendly team will help you step confidently into a new world of fundraising, filled with opportunity

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